Save Food, Feed Orphans

Food waste is one of the root causes of hunger worldwide.

Farms For Orphans

As we’ve begun to implement our farming program within orphanages, one of the primary challenges we face is overcoming the significant food-insecurity that our orphanage partners are coping with while working to establish their insect farms. For instance, we had two orphanages eat all of the larvae we provided them to start their farm. To ameliorate this we are beginning to provide food aid for the orphanage while the orphanage staff get their farms up and running through our Save Food, Feed Orphans program.



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Save Food, Feed Orphans

Save Food, Feed Orphans

Almost US $1 trillion of food, which is roughly one-third of the world’s food, is lost or wasted every year. Along with poverty, conflict, and a lack of resources, food waste is one of the root causes of hunger worldwide. We believe that this wasted food is food that could feed hungry, growing children. We have partnered with several high-end restaurants in Kinshasa that are interested in distributing their food waste to one of our orphanage partners. “Food waste” may include: • “ugly”, bruised or misshapen fruits and vegetables that are not used by restaurant chefs; • foods that are nearly (but not yet) expired; • left-over food that is edible and safe to consume but for any reason is going to be thrown out. We believe this initiative can be a quick and inexpensive way to get food to orphanages.  

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