Fr. Gaston Muyombo: Board Member

Fr. Gaston Muyombo has served on the Farms for Orphans, Inc. board of directors since FFO’s inception. Father Gaston lived in Denver for eight years while working at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Littleton, Colorado and St. Louis Catholic Church in Englewood, Colorado. He returned to the Congo in 1997 and founded two organizations, the Denver based NGO Congo Relief Mission (CRM) and the Congolese NGO Action Genèse Buloba (AGB). He operates a small farm outside of Mbuji-Mayi, DRC, oversees a small parish, and provides food assistance to five orphanages.

Father Gaston has worked on past projects including construction and operation of a hospital, medical clinic, and schools in Mbuji-Mayi. He has founded churches, schools, clinics, hospitals, and a TV and radio station. He has experience in hospital administration, finance, and construction. While he lived in Denver, he obtained associates degrees in auto mechanics and architecture.